Maiden voyage for ‘Happy Hooker’

Well, today was the day I have been waiting for. The maiden voyage of my new perception swing kayak, “Happy Hooker”.

This was my first time out on a yak, and boy, it’s not as easy as it looks.

The boys had soccer games on this morning, so I missed the lead up to the high tide. I had all fingers and toes crossed last night that I would wake up and for some reason we wouldn’t be able to go to soccer, but alas, family duties won.

I hit the water at about 1030, which was right on the turn of the tide. Launched from the boat ramp at Spinnaker sound. First impressions for me were, “okay.. this doesn’t feel too bad”. After about 15 minutes I was wondering why I hadn’t tried this before. The swing moved through the water beautifully, and I’m sure with time and practice I will become a bit more fluent with my paddling and make it all feel ‘just right’.

I paddled north towards the entrance to Ningi Creek, and decided this would be the spot I’d suss out while new to the game. I worked up and down the oyster leases for a few hours. Paddling up one side with a troll line out, and then drifting back the other side while flicking some plastics.

1100… I’m on! You beauty! My very first fish on a yak! Wasn’t a big flathead, but still a flathead. Approximate size only about 30cm, but gee was I grinning from ear to ear . Released the flattie and told it to let it’s mates know that I’m just here to say hi, and will release anything I catch .

Over the next couple of hours I continued to drift and troll around. Spent plenty of time practicing how to move myself around the yak. Managed to hook a few undersize species, namely a couple of flatties and fingermarks. Watched a couple of turtles hovering around, and was just plain chuffed to be out on the water, watching nature without any noise from motors.

The weather turned a little sour on the passage so I decided I’d better call it a day and go and clean my gear up.

No pictures or amazing fight stories, but a bit of time that has me absolutely chuffed. Cannot wait to hit the water again!