Outrigging at Lindoni’s

Sun? … check.
Family? … check.
Wee bit of stress? … check.
In need of a quick break? … check, uno, go fish, and snap!

I’m sure you have all had those days, weeks, or even months when all you wish for is one or two days away from normal work commitments, family charades, or other circus acts playing out in your life. Well, that’s exactly the hazy cloud my beautiful bride and I recently found ourselves in, and without too much thought or debate, we packed a few essentials, fed the pussycatos, surgically removed the spawn-lings from their iDevices, and set off to re-energize the soul. Two simple days that, although extremely brief, had the potential to amazingly recharge our batteries to just shy of full.

As you may be aware, I’m unashamedly a creature of habit, and very rarely do I tempt the ideal of change… so it will be of no surprise to our regular players where exactly we would be heading for our quick getaway. For those of you that are new to my musings however, there’s a little slice of heaven that will always tempt me when I need a quick lifestyle spritz…. a place where I can truly unplug from the system…. my red pill if you will… the wonderland at the end of the rabbit hole. Glorious Noosa.

Each time we visit this paradise we try our best to stay in different accommodation, whether it be a five star resort or the local backpackers. For this visit, it was time we drew the short straw, and with our arms twisted behind our backs we both agree that a 5-star break was going to be the only foreseeable way to kill off some of the stress. The Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort & Spa is situated perfectly 500m up the hill from Hastings Street, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the coves, and would be our port of call for the next two days. We quickly check in with reception, hurriedly unload the car, and faster than the time it takes the spawn-lings to re-attach themselves to their iDevices, I’m happily acquainted with what I’m sure would be the first of many ice-cold Guinness’.

I won’t harp on about how great the accommodation is at the Outrigger, but I will say that if you get the chance to pop in there for a day or three, you definitely won’t regret it. Spacious, luxurious, and nestled perfectly in the hills to give you that isolated on a tropical island feeling. Even the spawn-lings managed to force out a smile in appreciation. :)

Apart from the usual sun baking on the beach, enjoying a great espresso whilst watching the world wander past, or wetting a line or two in search of the GT’s that haunt Woods Bay, I never leave Noosa without a walk to Hell’s Gate. It’s an iconic trail that starts from the car park at he entrance to the Noosa National Park, and meanders along the coastline around rocky outcrops and secluded coves, underneath Australia’s iconic blue gum trees, and through clusters of tea trees lining fresh water streams.

Approximately 3klms along the track you’ll finish up at Hell’s Gates, where you have magnificent views out over the ocean and along the Sunshine Coast beaches. Take your time walking this track and enjoy stopping along some of the coves for turtle and whale spotting. It’s a cracker of a spot and a definite must do!

Short trips equate to short stories… so while you take that overly exaggerated sigh of relief, I’ll take the time to recommend a restaurant which has been on the top of my favorite places to dine for many many years; Lindoni’s Ristorante Italiano. Whether you want to take the love of your life out for a romantic night out, or it’s time to get the family together and enjoy a traditional Italian celebration of life, you cannot go past Lindoni’s. Rio and Amanda Capurso take absolute pleasure in what they do, and it shows threefold in their food and service…. so do yourself a favour and stop by sometime… you won’t regret it.

Until next time, stay safe…