The bite is hot!

I’ve got one! I’ve got one! I’ve got one! I’ve got one! That is pretty much all we heard from the boys in the space of a good hour.

With Dad getting his new you beaut boat, the amount of fishing trips has gone through the roof, and this particular trip saw the whole family venture out to Harry Atkinson artificial reef for one hot bite. If you have seen the great movie Ground Hog Day, you will get a little bit of an idea on how the fishing went. Dad and I would bait up the lad’s lines, drop them to the bottom, and then hand over the rods to the boys. The theory was that once the boys were setup, we could have a fish. It just wasn’t meant to happen this time around. As soon as the rods were handed over to the boys, they were on. Pinkie, after pinkie, after pinkie, and the boys were over the moon. It has been a long time since they have had a hot session like this one.







With the one or two drops that Dad and I actually managed to fit in, this was pretty much the best we could come up with. :)









The plan for the trip was pretty simple. If we all went out, and there wasn’t much around, then the dolphins which we have had the pleasure of watching previously should keep everyone amused. Well, they didn’t disappoint this trip either. Why bother spending a small fortune to visit one of the theme parks when you can head thirty minutes away from the ramp and see these awesome creatures in their own habitat. There’s an interesting theory which we have regarding these dolphins. Whenever the dolphins come around, we seem to get the good bites… which is the complete opposite to what should happen. So our theory goes something like this: the dolphins round up the fish, we hook the smaller ones, throw them back, and the dolphins get a free feed without too much effort. :)





The catch of the day! This is by far the largest fish that Zach has ever caught, and what a pearler of a cod for the little fellow! He was as proud as punch, and I was just as proud of my little fishing buddy :) .



A beautiful day… awesome company… what else could you wish for! Ciao.